Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Tuesday! Nov 30, 2010

I have been struggling with my energy level and eating right this past weekend. I think that a lot of it comes from being constantly on the go. I didn't have my healthy food prepared ahead of time, due to having no time. When I don't have my food prepared ahead of time I tend to want to eat the first thing that I see that is quick to make which usually means high calories and fat and not very nutritious. With being constantly on the go and working out really hard this weekend, my body really needs as much nutritious food to keep with with my pace.

I also started my days off with no sleep. I worked a night shift and went home and laid down for 40 mins then I needed to get up, shower and be in town for 10:30am. Then I went to the gym for a LONG time. So it has taken me all weekend to catch up on my sleep. My body was not happy with me and I ended up sleeping almost all of Sunday...and that is not an exageration! I got up ate breakfast and was back in bed by 10:30. I tried to watch a movie in the afternoon and saw about 15 minutes of it before I fell asleep again. I woke up for supper and went to bed shortly after and slept all night.

I got a call this morning from work offering for me to stay home and I gladly accepted the offer. I am going to use this day to recharge my batteries, go to the gym and get some things done that I have been putting off for a while.

Due to the fact that I have not been eating well this past weekend, I feel like I am retaining LOTS of fluid. I am quite nervous to get on the scale. I know that it is just fluid and not fat that I have put on so I am probably better off not getting on the scale. I really don't want to be disappointed by seeing my weight higher than it was.

I am going to Halifax on Saturday to run in the 5 km Santa run. I am kind of nervous about running in it because my knees are quite sore. I have been doing a some drills with a little bit of impact and my knees are feeling it. I tend to get down on myself when my knees are sore, but I am not going to let that happen this time. I think I will actually call my physiotherapist to see if he can fit me in today or tomorrow.

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