Sunday, June 5, 2011

Birthday Cake

On Tuesday, I will be the mother of a 16 year old. That's right, my little baby boy is going to be turning 16. Saying that makes me feel really old.
Anyway, we celebrated today with some family. We bbq'd homemade hamburgers which were really tasty. We make regular beef burgers and some burgers made with extra lean chicken. Obviously, I had the ones that were made with chicken. They were absolutely delicious. Remind me to post about hamburger buns sometime, I have alot to say about them so it will have to be a post on its own at another time.
I am really close to hitting ONEderland. My scale this am said that I weigh 200.4 lbs. I am so close that I can smell ONEderland. I know that within the next few days I will be there and I really don't want anything to stand in my way of getting there. Now remember in the beginning of this post I said that we were celebrating a birthday in our house this weekend. Birthdays mean cake and cake means lots of sugar and calories which does not fit in the equation for getting to ONEderland.
I told myself and my trainer at the gym today that even though we were celebrating a birthday, I really did not need to eat cake. Well that is easy to say when you are the gym! It is a completely different story when you are sitting a your kitchen table, with everyone eating cake and you can see and smell the cake. I can't believe how wonderful cake smells. It had been a long time since we had a cake in the house and I must say that as soon as I smelled the cake I was salivating and I thought "I really have to have a piece of this cake." But I know that if I were to have one piece of cake, I would eat another and another and another one until it was all gone. I also know that in order to get to my goal I need to be able to say no to many things like cake. I had to ask to myself "what do I want more, the cake, or to reach my goal". The true answer was that at that time I really wanted the cake more. So I tried to think about how I would feel after I ate the cake. I know I would feel disappointed in myself and it would feel gross in my tummy. I thought to myself, if I ate this cake, what good things would it do for me. It would give me temperary satisfaction but in the long run, or even 10 minutes after eating it, what would it do for me. The answer was that it would do nothing good for me, it would only be a negative thing for me and I am trying to eliminate all the negative things from my life these days. Yes, I have been letting some negative things in my life get to me lately. That's another post too.
All this was going through my head with MY piece of cake sitting in front of me. As I was having this conversation with myself, my husband had cut the cake and put MY piece in front of me. I sat there looking at it, not paying attention to the conversation that was going on at the table. I was in my own little world having my own conversation.
The end result was that I didn't eat the cake and I feel fantastic about my decision and I know that I will reach ONEderland in no time.

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