Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Exciting Day!

I have something really exciting to tell you about! It may not be exciting to some but for me it is really exciting. I was in the mall at Canadian Tire getting some keys cut and then I had to go to my doctors office to make an appointment. On the way I was passing the clothing store Eclipse.

Now for years, I have been passing by the store and would never look in because I knew that there was no way that I would be able to shop there, so I would just walk by. Lately, when walking in the mall, I have been looking in the store but still afraid to look too much or go in because I was not sure that the clothes would fit me. I really don't want to walk into a store and find out that there is no way that the clothes would fit. Today, I felt brave and I walked in the store and looked around, and guess what...I FOUND LOTS OF CLOTHES THAT FIT!!

It was a really big deal for me. To know that I can shop in that store that I thought I would never be able to shop in! I was paying for my shirt and 2 tanktops and I actually had tears in my eyes. The lady at the cash must have thought that I was a nut job, but I really don't care.

In one year, I have gone to having 2 stores to shop in to a whole lot of stores that I can shop in. I also can't believe the difference in price. I can buy a t-shirt for $10 now when before I would be lucky to get a t-shirt for $25 and I would have to travel to New Glasgow to get it.

Another thing that I realized just the other day is that when I am getting ready for the gym it doesn't matter what towel I grab. Before, I used to have to make sure that I got a beach towel because the regular bath towels would not cover me completely and I really did not want to be exposing any part of myself at the gym. It feels so nice to just grab a towel and not have to worry about the size of the towel.


  1. That's so awesome Dawn...I know how you feel, I could only ever shop at Reitman's or Pennington's and now I can shop anywhere. It's a great feeling. That is one of the biggest benefits of all your hard work...enjoy!!

  2. Hi Dawn,

    I work up in Chemo at St. Martha's, and I don't think we've ever met! Your story is truly inspiring to me...I have made the choice to get healthy and see my best form in the past month. I am feeling so great! I go to the gym every morning at work and am eating clean/nourishing foods. Glad to see someone like you doing so well...I've spent a lot of time on your blog and it is SO encouraging, THANKS!

    Janelle MacKay

  3. Hi Janelle,

    Thanks for commenting. It is nice for me to know who is reading and to hear everyones story.
    I am happy for you that you have made the choice to do something for your health. I imagine that you feel so much better. I have seen how eating healthy makes you feel so much better and you get so much more energy too.
    I am happy that you are enjoying reading. If you are ever in PCU, say hi to me.