Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yesterday, I was unable to work at the gym like I usually due because I was wearing a gadget called a halter monitor. I was unable to sweat very much because the leads would not stick and I was unable to take a shower for 24 hours. You really don't want to be around me after I go to the gym and am unable to shower!

So, today I had to make up for the short day yesterday and boy did I every make up for it. I went a little nuts. I was at the gym at around 9:30 and I left the gym at 2:30. Now, I had spent some time in the sauna and I did some tanning and I took a really long shower which took up about an hour.

Here is what I did at the gym today:
Treadmill - 20 minutes
EFX Elliptical - intervals for 20 minutes
Precor Elliptical - 20 minutes
Some legs
Bike - 15 minutes (I took it easy because I didn't want to tire my legs before spin class).
Spin Class - 45 minutes
Then I did lots of stretching. I must say that my flexibility has really increased in the last few weeks.

So that was my day at the gym. I am really tired now and I am going to relax for the night and watch a movie.

Oh, I don't think I told you about my new tattoo yet. I got a new one on my foot that says
"333.4 Never Again" There is a star before and after it. I really like it. I will post a picture of it sometime soon. It is still in the healing stage so it does not look the best yet.

I hope everyone had a good day and stayed safe. It was nasty out there this morning but the sun came out in the afternoon.


  1. That was a marathon day at the gym. Good for you!! Nine pounds in under 2 weeks, that's incredible...keep it up!

  2. It did feel like a marathon...I was quite tired last night.
    I hear that you are really close to hitting your goal! Congratulations! I know you will reach it soon. You are doing awesome!