Tuesday, May 3, 2011

So I did end up going for a bike ride. A 16 km one. I used my husbands bike and WOW, what a difference a bike can make. It is a lighter bike and the gears seem to be more suited to me. Also, his bike does not have a break that sticks on all the time like the one that I am using does.
I realize that I am going to have to invest in some foot straps so I can do the push/pull thing up the hills.
The wind was against me on the way back which is the hard way. On the way back there is a 2 km stretch that I call my "Sandstorm". Sandstorm is a song that we spin to in spin class sometimes. It is a 7 minute song with only 2 small breaks. My "Sandstorm" is a 2 km stretch of uphill with about a 10 second downhill thrown in there. Add the wind blowing in your face and you get a great workout!

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