Saturday, March 5, 2011

I have had 2 really awesome days at the gym. Yesterday (Friday), I worked my abs and then had my hour session with my trainer where I did a whole body workout. Some of the things that I did are; chest press, v-ups, tricep kickbacks, bicep curl, scorpions, bulgarian split squat, burpees, farmers walk (with 130 lbs), dumbell single-leg deadlift, plie/sumo squats, step-ups, bent-over row, and one arm row. That's all I can remember.

After that I did my cardio. I did 20 mins of intervals on the EFX Eliptical. I did 1 min at 10 for the incline and 6 for the resistance, then I bumped it up to 20 for the resistance for 2 mins and then back down to 6 for my rest. I worked really hard and was sweating alot by the end of it. It felt really good. Then I decided to hop on the spin bike. I did 30 minutes on the bike. I worked really hard. I pretended that I was in a class with an instructor. I think I work harder when there is a full class with an instructor than I do on my own. I really wanted to get the most out of the 30 minutes so that is why I pretended there was an instructor with me.

I got up early this morning so I could make it to Suzanne's spin class. My how I love her spin class. She knows just how hard to push and I always get a really good workout in her class. I am never disappointed with it. But, I maxed myself out a little too early in the class. She played the song Sandstorm and I always push myself during that song. It is a 7 minute song with 2 breaks. The music is really motivating and it is usually the last song in the class before the cool down song. But she suprised us with another song after Sandstorm. The last song was really brutal for me, but I hung in there.

I feel really good after the last few days at the gym and I can't wait to go tomorrow. I am hoping to get to the Oland Centre for a swim. I have to start training for the Triathlon this summer because it will be here before I know it.

Oh, I'd like to say, enough of the cold weather. Winter, you can go away now!

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