Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Community Health Advocacy Award

Last night was a very special night for me. At GASHA's Annual General Meeting I was presented with the Community Health Advocacy Award along with Mary Oxner and Mary Desmond. I blows my mind to think that I was presented with the same award as these 2 ladies. Mary and Mary volunteer in their communities and are really making a difference in the health of their communities. They are outstanding women and after hearing their accomplishments, I was wondering what I was doing there. Let's just say that I am VERY honored to have received the same award that they did.

I don't have a photo to share with you from the meeting and it is kind of a funny story. When I was leaving home the first thing I put in my truck with the camera bag. I wanted to make sure that I had it as many people told me they wanted to see a photo of me receiving the award. I figured that I would take a video with my camera and that would be even better. Unfortunately, I did not check the camera bag before I left home and when I arrived at the meeting I went to take the camera out and get it ready. I opened the camera bag and there was something missing...the camera! Note to time check to make sure the camera is in the bag! Brian Lazzuri from The Casket was there so hopefully he will publish the photo in the paper. Here is a photo of my award.

I am not sure if you can read what it says so I will tell you.

Certificate of Appreciation

This certificate is awarded to

Dawn Bowles

In recognition of her inspiring first voice wisdom which she has

shared through blog and print to help motivate others to address healthy living issues.

I want to thank Brian Lazzuri for nominating me for this award and for the opportunity to write the articles for The Casket which has enabled me to inspire so many people to take control of their health before it is too late. I am deeply honored that he would think of me when it comes to this award. I am really touched.

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  1. Congratulations Dawn, you have inspired and continue to inspire many people, you truly deserve this award!!!