Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Exhausting Day

It feels soooo nice to sit down tonight. I tortured my body today...wasn't that nice of me?

My started out with early morning cardio. I was at the gym about 7am where I did 20 mins of High Intensity Interval Training on the elliptical. Then I did another 30 mins of cardio. I went home and had some breakfast and did some cleaning around the house.

I was back at the gym at 12:15 where I did a quick warm-up and then off to my personal training session. My training session was brutal, as always (that's the way I like it). I did boxing and kicking, mountain climbers, full sits with a 10 lbs weight in each hand with punches at the top of the sit up. The 10 lb weights were killer! Then on to wall sits adding in punches with weights in my hands also (not sure of the weight, but they were purple). Hit the repeat button a few times and there you have my training session. It was really tough! My body was so tired and I knew I was not going to be able to do the rest of my cardio as intense as I usually do so I went for a walk to get some fresh air. I ended up walking about 5 kms and then headed back to the gym where I did a bit more legs, plie squats with a 75lb weight and hip adductor and hip abductor machines. Then on to some stretching.

From the gym I went to the StFX football field where I walked around the track for a lap and then did 2 sets of the bleachers (2 steps at a time), then I did 10 push-ups and some calf raises. Repeat that 2 more times and call it a day.

So that is why I am really appreciating sitting right now. But I may have overdone it with my is quite sore right now and I am hoping that with some ice and Advil tonight, it will feel much better in the morning.

So you may ask why I would do so much today? Well, today is my last day off. I work the next 2 days followed by 2 nights. I will not get to the gym after my second day shift like I usually do as I will be going straight from work to the high school football game at StFX...can't wait for the game! If you are in town, drop by the game and support the boys. Game time is 7pm.

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