Friday, September 30, 2011

Water - Are You Drinking Enough?

On Tuesday, my trainer, Todd, was asking if I have been drinking enough water. I thought I was...on most days. I was aiming for 4 litres on days that I didn't work and would only get about 2 litres on days that I do work.
Todd told me to aim for 5 litres on days that I don't work and 4 litres on days that I do work. Does he know how much peeing that involves???

When you look at the health benefits of water, I know why he wants me to drink so much. There are countless health, beauty and weight loss benefits. Here are some of them...

  • Our bodies are estimated to be about 60 to 70 % water and is essential for our survival.

  • Drinking water flushes out toxins and nourish your body from the inside.

  • Studies show that it is great for your heart and that it could lower your risk of heart attacks.

  • Drinking water helps keep your skin hydrated and helps you flush out impurities leaving you with a healthy glow.

  • Water does not have any calories.

  • Water helps your body metabolize fat and digest food efficiently.

  • Sometimes when you think you are hungry, you are actually thirsty. Next time you feel hungry, try drinking a glass of water and see if you feel satisfied.

  • We lose water through our skin by sweating and by simply breathing. We need to replenish that water.

  • Water is helpful in transporting oxygen to all the cells in your body.

  • When you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated and when you are dehydrated, you are tired. So drink up to give you lots of energy.

I realize that not everyone needs to drink as much water as I am drinking. The more active you are the more you need to drink. The more you sweat the more you need to drink and there are a lot of other factors. That being said, the average person should drink at least 2 litres of water a day. So I ask...are you drinking enough water?

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