Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Years Eve Dress Shopping

If you read my post earlier today, you will know that I was in Halifax taking part in the Santa Shuffle Run. I also went to Halifax so that I could go dress shopping. Now, I am not the "dress wearing kind of gal", or at least I never used to be. Since I have let go of 115 lbs, I can't wait to get dressed up and go dancing and what better time to do that than New Years Eve.

I was actually excited to go shopping for a "fancy" dress. I have been shopping in plus size stores for so long now that I am nervous to go shopping anywhere other than Addition-Elle or Penningtons because I don't know how the sizes run or where to shop. I asked around for some places to go dress shopping and I was told of a few places in Dartmouth Crossing and Mic Mac Mall. I was quite excited at the idea of going into a store that was not a plus size store and being able to try stuff on. Most things that I have been wearing lately are xl or large so I thought that I would have no problems finding something.

I started off my search in Dartmouth Crossing on Friday night. I went to a store called Laura. I was told that they have lots of nice dresses in petite, tall, regular and even plus sizes. I thought for sure I would find the perfect dress there. I walked around and almost immediately found the dress that I had been looking for. I was looking for a dress that was colorful, had some sparkles, and was knee length. The dress that I found was a pretty purple and had a band of gems just below the bust line. I looked at the sizes and there was nothing that would fit me. I was a little disappointed but it would have been too easy to find the perfect dress right away. I walked around the store and saw some cute dresses but nothing that would fit me. I was getting a little disappointed but was not ready to give up yet.

I decided to turn to the plus size section and saw a beautiful dress. It was black and floor length but it was absolutely beautiful. The price was expensive so I decided not to try it on but Joey told me to try it on anyway. I tried it on and loved it! It was a little too big (size 16) but not so big that I could not wear it. It was so comfortable and actually looked good on me. I reluctantly took it off because it was too expensive to even consider buying to wear it only one time. Also it was black, floor length and really elegant and I was looking for something more fun. Joey brought me some more dresses that were shorter. Some were black, navy, purple and other colors. One of the dresses fit really well and looked good on me but it was not what I was looking for. It was black and did not have the sparkle that I was looking for. It was too "Plain Jane" and looked like something an old lady would wear. Another dress was really nice and fit well, but it had this queer thing on the front it was kind of straps that looked more like a neclace and attached to the dress at the bust. I thought about cutting the straps off and resewing them to make them actual straps. But I figure that the perfect dress has got to be out there, somewhere. The stores in Dartmouth crossing were closing at this time, it was 9:00pm so I had to abandon the dress shopping for the night and start again after the run in the morning.

The next day morning I did the run and then resumed the dress shopping with Joey, Brian and Alix. We went to Mic Mac Mall to check The Bay and there was nothing there. Well, there was one dress that was there, but it was a size 4. Yeah, not going to happen! We checked out some other stores and did not find anything. Then we went to Addition-Elle. I figured I can still fit into their clothes so I might as well look. They did not have very much for selection. There were some old lady dresses so I didn't even try anything on there. We walked around the mall some more and came to Le Chateau (I think that is what it is called). I found LOTS of dresses that I liked. They were the right length, nice colors, and had the look that I was looking for. I took one to try it on for size and I was disappointed. The largest size they have is XL. I tried it on and could not get it zipped up all the way. With Joey's help I could have zipped it up but I would have been too uncomfortable in it because it really was too small...but only by a little bit.

We went back to Dartmouth Crossing to go to the larger Addition-Elle to see what they have. I tried on one dress but it was not a New Years Eve dress. It was a nice dress to wear to a wedding or something like that, but not to wear on New Years Eve. We decided to go back to Laura to see if we could find the purple dress with the queer neck thing. Unfortunately, we could not find it , but the nice elegant black one was still there. It still fit really well and it was still way to expensive even with the No Tax sale that was going on. If I am in Halifax before New Years I may check to see if it is on sale. I would buy it if it was 50% off so I am hoping that it will go on sale and no one will buy it.

Buy this time I was getting frustrated. I was tired and my feet were sore and it was too late in the day to go to the gym. Now if I had found a dress it would have been worth missing the gym, but I didn't find a dress AND I didn't get to the gym. I was really disappointed. I thought that shopping for a dress was going to be fun, but it made me realize that I am not as small as I think I am. I am still a plus size girl and I still have a way to go when it comes to being able to walk into a store and find something I like that fits me. I know that I have come along way in a short amount of time but I so badly want to be at my goal and it can't come soon enough. I was alittle down over the dress shopping thing for the rest of the weekend. I was not able to get to the gym today either so I am disappointed over that too.

I started looking online at some dresses and I found 2 at sears that I like. I ordered both in two different sizes. Of the dresses that I tried on in Halifax, the ones that were size 14 fit me best. The dresses that I ordered at sears said that they were a "snug" fit so I thought that I should order them at least 1 size larger than I needed. So I orderd a pink one in size 16 and a blue one in size 18. I am planning to return one of them. I really hope the pink one fits well because I like it the best. I can always order it in a larger or smaller size if I need to. It will be in on Wednesday and I will be able to pick it up on Friday so stay tuned to see if it fits. Cross your fingers and toes for me, please!

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