Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yesterday in my personal training session I had my cardio retested. on the bike. The scores so something like this: very low, low, below average, average and so on. When I first started at the gym I scored very low on my cardio. A few months ago, I was tested again and I was still very low but my score was alittle higher. Yesterday, I scored AVERAGE! YIPPEE!! I was so happy to be average that I almost did a dance in the middle of the gym but I decided to save my dancing for New Year's Eve.

Last night I had a Jockey Clothing Party at my mother's house. It was so awesome and fun! Only a few people showed up but that left us lots of time to try on ALL of the clothing and really play around with it. I really love all of their clothing. It is so comfortable and versatile. I really wanted to buy it all. I got some awesome deals for hosting the party. I tried on one of the pairs of pants and I fit into a small. I haven't worn anythig that was a small in a long time and some of the other items I wore a medium. I will be having another one in the spring and I can't wait to see the spring catalogue. You really should come to the party in the spring I bet you will love the clothing too.

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