Monday, September 27, 2010

I have been receiving a lot of comments on Facebook some on my wall and some in private messages). I want to share some of the comments with all of you. I will copy them into this post, but I will not say who they are from...I hope nobody minds that I am doing this. I just really want to share everything with all of you and not everyone who is reading this blog is a friend on Facebook.

So here they are...

"Way to go Dawn! I feel as though you are in my head feeling my thoughts..."

"Hey there! You should check out SparkPeople.comI love this site! It has recipes, blogs, chat groups, exercise routes...etc etc! Worth a peak. Even just for some of the articles...I have a goal to lose 30lbs. It feels impossible because I have plateaued for the past year and I've been gaining and losing 10lbs. However I haven't been so vigilant with my running and strength training as I should be. I've just been heavy all my life. Well...chunky and I'm just tired of it. Need someone to help me with my core. Anyways I must say your stories have motivated me to realize that I just have to keep going and working and eventually it'll come off. Anyways hope you had a great workout today and that work's going well."

"Hi there Dawn, I just wanted to send along a quick note to congratulate you on your amazing accomplishments to this point. I haven't seen you ina quite some time but I was talking to your mother a while back and she had told me what you were doing. Thereis no doubt in my mind you will reach your goal."

"Hey Dawn! You are an inspiration...I lost 45 lbs on ____ and then put it all back on...I am so disappointed with myself...Do tell how you are getting 120g protein in a day..."

"Dawn that is amazing! You are one dedicated person!! I am starting to geel better about my body too. I didn't feel bad about it, it was more that I didn't care. So as I was losing I noticed that I am able to fit back into some clothes that I really like wearing etc.
Very proud of you. Do you have a goal weight? Mine is 160 which the doctor told me is the lowest I should go. I was 210 when I decided enough was enough. I had ran out of jeans to wear and I love to wear jeans.
Keep up the treat work. My secret is portion control, I try to eat the same amount my kids eat. And drink way moe water, and exercise on my treadmill, yoga, and an exercise video called Hip Hop Jam."

"What is the secret to your success? How long do you exericse daily? I kind of fell off the exercise wagon lately."

"Hey Dawn, I just read your blog and I must say that you are such an inspiration not only to me but to yourself as well. I have enjoyed reading it and I find many similarities in myself. I thank you for sharing and I look forward to more. When I am having a crappy or hard day I will look to your pages for inspiration and comfort. You are and always have been an amazing person and just like a flower you are blooming to your full potential. Keep it up."

"Congrats Dawn! You're doing AWESOME!!!"

"You are incredible! I loved your blog so thank you for the updates and info!!! Hope to see you soon!"

"Holy crow! Mom told me about what you are doing Dawn, I'm so excited to see you when I'm home next!!! Keep going and keep strong!!!"

"I absolutely love your mission statement! Way to go Dawn, keep it coming."

"Good job Dawn, it gets very addictive seeing the results come and the scale going down is only one of the benefits of being in better shape! Glad to see you are doing so well and thanks for motivating me to get my butt back on track no matter what bumps I have in my road!

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