Friday, September 17, 2010

Today's weight: 237.2 lbs !

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  1. Congratulations Dawn!!!! So exciting! I know in a sense how you felt when you were heavier and I am so proud of you. My Mom who has passed away had all the same issues that you are describing in your story. It was very hard for her and it really hurt to watch someone who you love so much have to go through all of that.

    With myself. I gained so much weight after my Mom died that one day I just got up and said... "NO!" I have to stop this now and get myself back to a healthy weight because it is what she would want. So that is my driving force. I am doing for myself what she wanted so much to have. I know she's proud of me.

    So lift your head up girl! You are doing wonderful!!!!! Keep up the good work!