Monday, January 17, 2011

I am finished my nights at work and enjoying the first of my 5 days off. My weight today, when I woke up, was 219.4. So I went up a little (0.6 lbs). I am hoping that it is just my body adjusting to the night shifts. I did pretty good with my eating during the night shifts but I could have done a little better on my second night. I worked hard to try to and eat every 4 hours but one time it was about 5 hours and I had a little treat. My rotation has an agreement that when we work Saturday night we will order out. None of us ordered out this Saturday, so we all did pretty good overall.

Here is how my day went today...
I woke up around 1:30 in the afternoon (I worked night shift last night) and I had my usual breakfast then. I had eggs, kiwi, strawberries, phytoberry drink, and 2 slices of toast. Then I headed for town and had a few errands to run and went to the gym. I warmed up on the eliptical and then I worked my shoulders. I did lateral raises, upright rows, shoulder presses and shoulder rotations (not sure what to call them). I worked pretty hard and I did some "fast feet" in between sets.

Then it was time for cardio. Man, the cardio machines were really busy today. There were alot of people at the gym. I started on the bike because that is what was free. I did 20 minutes total and I did intervals. I started at level 15 and then I would turn it up to 18 for 1 minute and back down to 15 for one minute. I kept alternating like that for a total of 20 minutes. Then I went to the rowing machine because the treadmills and elipticals were all used. I did 10 minutes of 30 second intervals. It had been awhile since I was on the rowing machine and it felt good to get back on it. When I was 10 minutes into the rowing machine, I saw an eliptical machine free up so I quickly went to it. I did intervals on the eliptical also. I kept the incline at 10 and changed the resistance from 6 to 14 or 16. I did it for a few minutes and then talked to Todd for a few minutes and lost the time that I had on the I started it again. So I ended up doing more than 20 minutes. Then I did the 3 S's...stretch, sauna, and shower. I have been really enjoying the sauna at the gym. The only thing missing with the sauna is someone massaging my back while I relax! LOL

After the gym I had my protein drink and some fruit and went grocery shopping. When I got home I had supper. Left overs are great. I had sweet potatoe, mixed veggies and pork loin...Yummy!

How was your day today?

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