Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Years Eve

I was really excited for New Years this year. If you have been reading you will know that I wanted to get dressed up and dance for New Years. We were lucky to get tickets to the Holiday Inn Express New Years Eve Gala in New Glasgow. Our tickets included a bottle of wine, a buffet dinner, a dance and our room. It was great because we went with 3 other couples and no one had to drive home afterwards so we could all really enjoy ourselves.

If you read my post about dress shopping for New Years you will know that my experience in Halifax did not go so well. However, I did find a great dress at Sears.ca. I really liked the dress and was happy when it arrived and it fit.

The thing that I didn't buy ahead of time was shoes. I wanted strappy silver shoes and did not find anything online that I could order as I have wide feet. We went to New Glasgow early on New Years Eve and I found a pair of shoes at Payless Shoes...I found another pair of shoes too. Lucky me! We went to lunch with Susan & Matthew, and Nancy & Joe at Cafe Italia. It was busy but the food was declicious. Then we went to the Hotel and got ready for the Gala.
The food was delicious...even if they did run out of potatoes (Sorry Matthew...I guess I took too many of them). The dance was lots of fun. I wanted to dance all night and I am happy to say that I did...not everyone did. Joey and I were dancing and went back to the table for a little break around 12:30 and all our friends were gone! But that didn't matter to me and Joey...we stayed until the end and danced all night (except for pee breaks).
I had lots of fun...and a little to drink. I was feeling Ok the next day, only a small hangover. I have always said that the cure for a hangover is a dip in the ocean. So guess what I did. I swam in the ocean. I will try to write a post tomorrow about my Polar Bear Dip. I would do it tonight but I want to include the 2 videos and my internet is WAY too slow to even think about uploading a video. I am going to try and go to my mothers tomorrow and upload the video. So stay tuned for the rest of the story...

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