Thursday, January 20, 2011


I just realized that I did not post on how my nutrition and exercise went yesterday. I did very well with my nutrition. I ate every 3-4 hours and had healthy food. I had my usual breakfast of eggs and cherries and I had banana for a snack. I had a tuna sandwich for lunch with some cucumber. I had greek yogurt in the afternoon with blueberries and my protein shake after the gym. For supper, I had baked salmon with a spinach salad. I did not enter my diet into so I do not have the total calories for you.

My knee was really sore yesterday (and it is today also) so I was not able to do a lot of hard cardio. I was supposed to work my legs yesterday but opted to work my back and triceps and leave my legs for today or tomorrow. My knee is still sore today but I am going to go to the gym and do what I can.

My weight this morning is 218.4 lbs. It is moving slowly but at least it is moving in the right direction.

I am heading to town in a couple of minutes and I will be there for most of the day. So to prepare for that I packed myself a lunch. I have greek yogurt with blueberries, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, a tuna sandwich, and an orange. I also have my protein shake for after the gym and lots of water.

What have you done today to ensure you eat healthy?

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