Friday, January 14, 2011

My weight this morning was 218.8 lbs so that mean that I am back to my weight prior to jumping off the wagon at Christmas time. It feels good to be back at this weight. I am hoping to keep on a roll so that I will reach my goal weight of 185 lbs sooner rather than later.

I am feeling very tired tonight, but that is most likely because I worked a 12 hour shift and then went to the gym. I just did cardio at the gym and here is what I did...
Treadmill - Intervals for 20 mins
Spin Bike - Intervals for 15 mins, I really pushed myself on the bike
Eliptical EFX - Intervals for 10 minutes
After that, it was definately time to stretch and shower.
I did not have my supper before going to the gym and I could tell. My energy level was way down at the gym and I felt tired while I was there. I still worked really hard, I just know that if I had eaten, I would have been able to work harder. I am going back to the gym for 9:00am tomorrow so I will make up for it then.

There were more chocolates at work today and there was gumdrop cake. It was much easier to resist the temptation today than it was yesterday. I am going to the Dragon Fly Cafe tomorrow for brunch with a friend and I am thinking hard about the carrot cake. I still don't know what I will do if they have it. They make the best carrot cake and I may make that my treat for the week...maybe. I just don't know yet. It will be an easy decision if they don't have it!

Here is what I ate today...pretty much the same as yesterday.
0600- egg and eggwhite, strawberries, ezekiel bread, and phytoberry drink
0930- protein shake and an apple
1200- chicken breast and cabbage soup
1630- greek yogurt and strawberries
0930- salmon, raw baby carrots, and green pepper
Total calories - 1283
Nutrition Breakdown - 43.83 % protein (142), 13.89 % fat (20), 42.28 % carbs (137)

I had a good day over all and I just feel really tired so I am going to head to bed. Good Night!

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  1. Hey Dawn...I know all about the temptations at work!! There is a shelf near one of the legal assistants that always has candies and chocolates to tempt me. I have avoided it (and the donuts some lawyers occasionally bring in for sharing) since the new year. I will think about your fight against the chewy cashew chocolate bites from hell and continue to ignore the candy station and the donut box. I think the same way as you: Do I really want these empty calories? In the past, when I did indulge, immediately after eating the sinful thing, I would think: very short term satisfaction for nothing, really.

    Keep it up! You are a real inspiration!
    Catherine MacPherson-Phiamphu