Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Think of the word for a minute...what does mean to you? lists the meaning as to yield to an inclination or desire; allow oneself to follow one's will. Dessert came but I didn't indulge. They indulged in an unbelievable shopping spree.

When I think of the word INDULGE, I think of it in the terms of food. I have always thought of it as treating yourself, in excess...almost sinful.

I am bringing this up because on Saturday I was going to the Dragon Fly Cafe with a friend for brunch. I knew a few days in advance that we were going to be going there and I also know that they have the BEST carrot cake in the world. Ok, well I don't really know if it is the best in the world because I have never had it anywhere other than in Antigonish. But I can't imagine anyone else making a better carrot cake.

I knew that I was going to be faced with the decision to have the carrot cake or not have the carrot cake. I started thinking about it DAYS in advance. One minute I was going to have the carrot cake and the next I was going to be strong and pass up the carrot cake. I struggled with this on and off. Some of my thoughts were; "The carrot cake is so good and I don't know when I will be back there to have the opportunity to have the carrot cake, so I better get it this time." "Do I really want all those empty calories. I wonder how many calories are in one piece of their carrot cake." "I deserve a treat. Carrot cake can be my treat for this week." "Think of all the sugar in the carrot cake. There is probably more sugar in one piece than I eat in a whole week. Way to much sugar for me." "This decision would be really easy if they didn't have any carrot cake." "Maybe I could have a half a piece?" "That's it! I am doing it! I have having the carrot cake on Saturday!" That was my last thought about it on Friday. I had made up my mind that I deserved the carrot cake and that I was going to have it.

Saturday came and I went to the gym with Adam and had a short workout and then I went to pick up Tammi and begaon thinking about the carrot cake, AGAIN. When I walked in, I make the mistake of looking in the dessert display. YES, THEY HAD CARROT CAKE! I thought, "Oh no, now what am I going to do". I decided that if I had something really nutritous for lunch then I can have the carrot cake. Everything on the menu looked so good. I ended up having the fish cakes and a greek salad and water. While I was eating lunch, I was still struggling with the thought of having carrot cake. I knew that I could not eat just half of a piece. If the whole piece was put infront of me, I was eating it all and I would probably lick the plate! I am not kidding, I really would have licked the plate.

When I finished my lunch I was satisfied but I still wanted the carrot cake. Our waitress came to the table and asked if we wanted dessert. Tammi knew the struggle I was having over the carrot cake and we told the waitress that we did not know yet if we wanted dessert and told her to come back. I began to think about it and thought I really deserved a treat, but I knew that one piece of carrot cake was more than a treat, it was sinful. If I had the carrot cake I would be treating myself in excess. I would be indulging. I used to indulge all the time and I don't want to be that person again. I thought, "Do I really need the carrot cake?" My answer was "No, I do not need the carrot cake. I just WANT the carrot cake." There is a big difference between needing something and wanting something.

I also thought about everone reading my blog. If I have the carrot cake, what does it say to everyone reading my blog. I want to set a good example for others out there who are struggling just like me to let go of weight and make healthy decisions for themselves. I felt like if I had the carrot cake, I would be letting everyone down...including myself. So guess what...I did NOT have the carrot cake and I am happy with my decision. When we were paying our bills, Tammi looked in the dessert display and beside the carrot cake was the word INDULGE!

Next time you are faced with a decision that includes a healthy choice and an unhealthy choice ask yourself if it is something that you want or something that you need and hopefully you will make the right decision like I did!


  1. Dawn 1...carrot cake 0! You're doing so great Dawn you'll be at your goal before you know it!

  2. Dawn I am proud of you, it is hard to say no to youself, I'm going to try that, this week for myself! liz