Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Plan For Success

As you know, I did not do so well over the holidays with my nutrition and I ended up gaining some weight. I have reflected on the past few weeks and I realize that I was not in the right frame of mind and I failed to plan and prepare ahead of time. In a way, I felt like I just needed a break (which is just an excuse, I think). I have been pretty strick with my diet and I felt like I just didn't want to have to think about it and I was getting bored with eating the same things over and over and over again. But that is done with now. Now I realize that I need to think about what I am putting into my body. My body needs the proper fuel in order for it to survive what I put it through and have the energy for the day.

Now that I am in the right frame of mind (I don't know how I got there...I just did, I guess) I can begin my planning. Planning for me means that I will plan and prepare my meals ahead of time. I will always have healthy options ready to go. I am going to find some new healthy, clean recipes. I will plan my workouts for the week at the beginning of the week to ensure that I get all my cardio and my weights in.

I need to plan my meals ahead of time and make sure they are prepared and ready to go for when I need to eat them. When I don't plan and prepare my meals I end up coming home with no healthy food ready to eat and when you come home hungry you want something that is quick and easy to make. The quick and easy to make food is usually not very healthy. It is loaded with salt, fat and sugar. Also, when I don't eat every 4 hours, my body is really hungry and usually wants simple sugars for quick energy which when eaten start a bad cycle of raising your blood sugar only to have it drop rapidly and you crave more simple sugar which repeats over and over again. It is not a good cycle to get into. Also, in the reading that I have been doing I learned that when you have a food that is loaded in fat, salt or sugar, your body craves more of that type of food for 3 days after you eat it. So that is why it is hard to stop eating that type of food when you start. Now when I think of eating a food that I should not be eating, I am going to ask myself "Do you want to put up with the cravings for the next 3 days?". Hopefully, my answer will be "No way, Jose!".

The key for me is to have healthy options ready to go in the fridge for when I need them.

When I started blogging, I had intended, on a daily basis, to write about the struggles and triumphs I had that day and how I felt about them. The hard part is I need to write about them when they happen and unfortunately they don't happen when I am home with my computer. When I would get home I would forget about the struggles and triumphs or they would not feel as important as they did at the time so I would not write about them. So in order to blog about them I am going to start journalling in addition to blogging. I will have my journal with me everywhere I go and I can write about things when they happen. Then when I get home I can blog about them.

I really want to have a detailed record of my days to make sure that I stay on track and journalling and blogging about them will make me more accountable and I will be able to look back and see the things I did that affected my weight in a good or bad way. The things that I will be journalling/blogging about are:
-My weight for the day (I don't weigh myself every day, but I do most days).
-My nutrition, so I can see if I am eating every 3 - 4 hours and eating healthy food also I can see how what I eat one day affects my weight the next day.
-My feelings/emotions. It is important because in the past I have been an emotional eater and I would also eat when I was stressed. This will show me if I am still doing it.
-My struggles. I will be able to read about my past struggles which will help me handle new struggles better.
-My triumphs. It would be nice to know the day that I reached a certain weight or did something at the gym that I was not able to do before.
-My workouts. I already track these at the gym but some people are asking exactly what I am doing that the gym and this way they will be able to read about it every day if they want to.

I plan to blog almost every day. The only thing is, is that there are a few days that I work and go to the gym and I am extremely tired when I get home. On those days, I may keep my posts a little shorter and not as detailed. I hope you don't mind.

One thing that I mentioned to Todd, and we will be working on in the next few weeks, is setting my final goal. I have a goal to reach 200 lbs. When I set that goal I was looking to set a goal that I knew I could reach. I also knew that I should be able to go lower than that, but I really did not want to set a goal that was not realistic. So we will be setting a new goal in the next few weeks. Stay tuned to see what it will be. I am so excited for the new goal even though I know it will be farther away than 200 lbs. I am ready for it! BRING IT ON!

That is my plan for the new year. What's your plan for success?

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