Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Day

Today was a good day. I did really well with my nutrition and I worked really hard at the gym.
I had a personal training session and I worked my chest and biceps. After my pt session I worked my abs. I know there is a six pack in there somewhere. I can feel them but I just can't see them...YET!

I did some really hard cardio today. I did intervals on the treadmill for 26 minutes. Then I went on the eliptical for 20 minutes. I did intervals for 10 of those minutes. Intervals were really hard on the eliptical today because my biceps were tired from my pt session. Next was the bike, I did 10 minutes on the bike (with intervals). Then it was time again for the 3 S's, Stretch, Sauna and Shower. I love the 3 S's!

I was at the gym for a really long time today. I got there at 12:00 and finished up around 4:00. Yeah, I know, it was a little long. But it felt good and I will have a really good sleep tonight.

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