Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Day

How did I do today? I think I did really well.

My weight this morning was 222.2 lbs. I have 3.4 lbs to go to get me back to where I was before the holidays.

I did very well where my nutrition is concerned. Here is how my day went.

Breakfast 0930- my normal egg and egg white with 1 cup of cherries and my phytoberry drink.
Snack 1130- banana on the way to the gym
Post workout 1500- Protein shake (I got a new one, Promasil) and an apple
Lunch (it was a little late) 1530- strawberry and spinach salad with almonds and chicken
Supper 1800- Homemade Cabbage Soup with chicken
I didn't get my diet entered into Livestrong.com yet so I don't have the calories or percentage of fat, carbs and protein.
I drank lots of water today. I didn't really keep track of how much but I have been drinking and peeing ALL day.

I felt really good all day. I was not tired and I felt really strong in mind and body. My knees are a little sore so I am icing them and my achilles tendon is a little tender, but not as tender as it was yesterday.

I was tempted to eat a Werther's Origional candy this evening. I actually picked it up and opened it, then I thought to myself "What am I doing?". So, I put it in the garbage. I must remember to tell Joey to take them to work with him so they are not in the house. He bought a HUGE box of them just before Christmas so he has them for work. He needs to remove them from the house! Joey, when you read this, please remove them...Thanks.

I blasted my legs today. That is probably why my knees are a bit sore.

I supersetted these 3 exercises:
-Weighted Sumo Squats - 70 lbs x 15, 70 lbs x 15, 75 lbs x 15
-Weighted Walking Lunges - 30lbs x 20, 30 lbs x 20, 30 lbs x 20
-Modified Burpees - 10, 10, 10

Superset means that I did 1 set of each exercise before doing the second set with no rests inbetween.

Calves on the leg press - 180 lbs x 15, 270 lbs x 15, 360 lbs x 15

I supersetted the next two exercises:
Hip Adduction - 215 bs x 15, 220 lbs x 15, 225 lbs x 15
Hip Abduction - 205 lbs x 15, 210 lbs x 15, 215 lbs x 15

I supersetted the next two exercises:
Leg Extension - 65 lbs x 15, 60 lbs x 15, 60 lbs x 13
Leg Curl - 110 lbs x 15, 110 lbs x 13, 110 lbs x 12

Treadmill - 6.5 incline, 3.8 speed, with arms pumping, 10 minutes
Bike - Level 14-15 with 1 minute at level 18, distance 6.2 (km or miles I am not sure), 20 minutes, 240 calories burned
EFX Elliptical - 14, intensity 6, for 10 minutes and 16, intensity 7 for 10 minutes, 290 calories burned

Something that I haven't posted on here yet was that the other day my trainer, Todd, got me to carry 2 x 60 lbs (total of 120 lbs) up the stairs 10 times.
Also, between Christmas and New Years he got me to bench press for the first time and I benched 100 lbs 8 times...I am not sure if that is good or not, but I was pleased and it gives me a starting point.

That was my day...in a nutshell.

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