Friday, October 29, 2010

At The Gym - Nov 19, 2010

I thought I would give you an update of what I have been doing at the gym all week.

I just did cardio. I had worked the night before and did not feel like my body could handle weight need to get hurt!

I had a personal training session with Todd. I did my chest and back and then I did my usual 45 mins of cardio.

I did my legs...worked them really hard and then did 50 mins of cardio. The cardio was tough after doing legs but I made it through.

I went to the gym earlier in the day then normal. Brandon missed the school bus so I had to drive him in to town...great excuse for getting to the gym early. I decided last minute to do the the 45 min spin class. I learned that I should not be making last minute decisions at the gym! Five minutes into the spin class, my legs were tired and I couldn't figure out why. They are usually not that tired 5 mins into the class. Then I remembered that I did my legs the day before! I struggled through the rest of the class and then did 15 mins on the Precor EFX machine.

I had a personal training session with Todd. We worked my back, triceps and biceps. I asked Todd if I could carry 110 lbs up the stairs because I had carried 100 lbs up the stairs when I reached 100 lbs off. It seemed only fitting that I should do the same for 110 lbs off. So he asked me how many times I thought I could do the stairs carrying 110 lbs. I figured I could do it 5 we started. Before I knew it I had done it 10 times!! Whoop, Whoop!! Then I did some abs and 45 mins of cardio.

So that was my week at the gym. I am working Saturday and Sunday, day shift. So that means that I won't be able to go to the gym. They are only open from 8 am to 8 pm and I work from 7:15 am to 7:30 pm. I still don't know what I am going to do for my workout. I usually go to the gym after my second day shift. I could probably go for a walk in town after my shift but it will not be as good of a cardio workout as I am used to...unless I find a big hill and go up and down it a bunch of times. Anyone have any ideas of what I can do?

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  1. Dawn, I hear you are having nice weather. Want a good cardio, SKIP. One on my trainers told me that 5 mins of skipping is equal to 30 min hard cardio. Generally you will need to work up to it. Hard to believe that 30 secs can be difficult when first starting. Just stop, rest and go again. Like all other excercised, the paint will go away. In not time you will be up to 10 min non stop and what an awesome pick you up in the middle of the day. Works great. Cheers, keep up the good work. You'll looking great.
    Mary deWolf