Wednesday, October 13, 2010

At the Gym Today

I was at the gym today and had a pt (personal training) session where I worked my chest and back. I did a variety of pushups and pullups (not really sure what to call them), punches and rows. I am sure that I will be sore tomorrow. But it will be a good sore because I will know that I worked my muscles hard. Which is what I like.

Before my pt session, I did a 10 min warm-up on the treadmill. Then I had some extra time so I did 10 mins on the eliptical. After my pt session I went back at the cardio. I did another 20 mins on the eliptical, 10 mins on the rowing machine, and then 20 mins on the treadmill at the highest incline and I increased my speed. The speed was a little uncomfortable, but I think it is important to take ourselves out of our comfort zone now and then. I find when I take myself out of my comfort zone, I make a lot of progress.

I did a little stretching and then I had a look at the class schedule at the gym. I noticed that there was a spin class at 6:30 pm tonight. It has been a while since I was able to fit a spin class into my schedule, so I decided to go back to the gym after supper.

I did Andrea's 45 min spin class. I worked pretty hard and now I am beat. My whole body is exhausted. Now all I want is a hot bath and a whole body massage. I really wish my husband was home tonight to give me a massage. Anyone want to volunteer their services? LOL

I am going to repost my mission statement as I have made some slight changes and then I am going to bed.

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