Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today's weight

I weighed myself this morning and I am now 228.8 lbs. I have less than 30 lbs to go! I seem to be letting go of my weight at a slower steadier rate, the last while, which is OK because at least my weight is going down.

I have been struggling with wanting some "junk" food lately. I want it all, pizza, chips, chocolate, pop. I am not going to give in, but is sure is difficult to stay on track. I keep telling myself "just make it to the weekend". I am going to allow myself one treat on the weekend...as long as I work hard at the gym.

I worked hard at the gym today. I had a personal training session where I worked my back, triceps, and abs. It was a good hard workout and I hope that I will be sore tomorrow. After my personal training session, I did 70 mins of cardio. I really want to try to do lots of hard cardio for the next while to burn lots of calories and melt some fat away.

It is time for me to try and get a little sleep because I work tonight.

Have a great evening,


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