Friday, October 29, 2010

Stepping it Up! Nov 15, 2010

One of the things that I spoke to the TOPS group about was Stepping It Up. I feel that this is one of the things that I have been doing that has lead me to where I am today. I am quite a competitive person and I love to challenge myself. In order to keep making progress, I need to challenge myself and I do this by Stepping it Up.

When it comes to exercising, I try to do better everytime I am at the gym. If I am on the elipitical, I will warm-up, and go at a pace where it is comfortable for me. Then I step it up for one minute to the point that I am out of my comfort zone, but I am still being safe. You don't want to push yourself so hard that you are not safe. So I take myself out of my comfort zone a few times within the 20 minutes. Eventually, the "out of comfort zone" level will become comfortable and your normal. Then you can work on stepping it up some more. As you become more fit you need to step it up some more so you keep making progress.

I do the same when it comes to my nutrition. I find it is easier when I make small changes. For me, if I was to totally cut a food from my diet, I feel deprived. When there is something that I am eating that I probably shouldn't be eating, I cut it out slowly. Before I started taking charge of my nutrition, I was eating chips and pop almost every night. So first, I cut it back to a few times a week. Then, I had them only on weekends. Then I went to only once a week. Then about once a month. Now I hardly have chips and I don't enjoy them as much as I used to. I find them really really salty. I am constantly trying to make small changes to improve my diet. I still treat myself, occasionally. Now, I find that when I do treat myself, like last Saturday night, I don't enjoy the food as much as I used to and my body feels horrible afterwards. Probably because it is not getting the nutritious food that it is used to getting.

So, I would like to put out a challenge to all of you that read my blog...and I know that you ARE reading. In fact there were 68 people on my blog at the same time the other day. I can see how many people are reading it at any given time, but I have no idea who you are...uness you comment.

My challenge to you is to take your exercise or your nutrition and Step It Up for one week. All I ask is that you do it for one week only. And then see how you feel at the end of the week. I bet you will feel so good and you will see the results that you will want to continue doing it.

For those of you who really like to challenge yourselves...Step Up your exercise and your nutrition for one week!

If you would be so kind to let me know how you did, I would really appreciate it!

Have fun Stepping It Up!


  1. Dawn I am going to take you up on that challenge. My nutrition has been terrible lately and I need to Step it Up! I love your blog you are doing great, keep it up girl!


  2. Hi Dawn,

    I just read your blog. I love your comments. I'm going to take your challenge. I've been sneaking into the chips during the day being home on maternity leave. I'm also going to pass this onto my cousin who in the process of losing weight. I think she will find you very inspiring. Congrats to you!

  3. Kate,
    I am happy to hear that you are willing to step it up with your nutrition. Remember to make changes that you can live with and keep Stepping it Up!

    I am happy to hear that you have been reading. Chips are my worst enemy. I can't have them in the house or I will eat the whole bag. I am addicted to them but I am fighting the addiction.
    I hope your cousin decides to read my blog. The more people that read my blog and comment the more inspired I am to Step it Up!
    I hope your family is doing well. Let me know if you are home for would be nice to get's been awhile!

    Thanks for your comments.