Friday, October 29, 2010

I was weighed and measured at Goodlife Fitness today. The scale showed me 2 lbs heavier than my scale at home. At home I weigh 229 and the scale at Goodlife showed me at 231. Since the last time I was weighed, which was 6 weeks ago, I let go of 8 lbs so I averaged 1.33 lbs per week which is good by normal standards. I am used to averaging 3.5 lbs per week so I was a little disappointed but live goes on. I just have to dig deeper and work alittle harder.

I let go of 7 more inches. 2.5 of them were from my waist so that made me happy. We changed a few things about the weights so hopefully the weight will drop off a little more quickly.

I went down 1% body fat and my lean body mass stayed the same which means I did not lose any muscle and all the weight that I let go of was fat. I was also happy about that.

I was asked to track my food and hand it in, so I have to do it! I know that it is something that I must do, I just really don't like doing it. But we don't have to like everything we do. Right?

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  1. So I have let go of a total of 54.75 inches since I started at Goodlife Fitness in March.