Friday, October 15, 2010

I haven't posted my weight in the last little bit because I am a bit scared to get on the scale. Over the weekend I ate out a few times and had a turkey dinner. I am feeling like I am retaining some fluid so I am nervous to get on the scale. I really don't want to step on the scale and see it go up so I am waiting until I am sure that I will be less than the last time I was on the scale.

I am having some trouble with motivating myself to eat well. I have no trouble going to the gym and working hard...I am actually putting some extra time in. I did my usual 2 hours at the gym the other day and then went back in the evening to do the 45 min spin class. So, exercising is no problem, it is the eating part. I find that I can work out as much as I want, but if I don't eat quite right, the scale does not move. It just shows you how important eating right is. I am doing well with my meals, but I find that I want to snack now and then. A little something here, a little something there and a little something later.

I am also not tracking my food these days. I know that I need to but I am just not doing it. I need to tell Todd that he needs to ask me for my food. I bet that will get me back on track. I guess I know what I need to do, I am just having trouble motivating myself to do it.


  1. I'm feeling the same way right now too.I've been working really hard at the gym but the scale hasn't moved in 4 weeks, up a little, down a little but i'm still where i was 4 weeks ago. It's frustrating, I know it's my eating, i haven't been keeping track either and a little bit here and there is keeping that darn scale from moving. Also, i've had to change trainers and that's difficult. I'm not getting the motivation i need from him yet, hopefully that will change soon.

    Good for you to do another spin class, they're not easy...I still haven't worked up the nerve to try one out. Keep up the good work Dawn, you're an inspiration to many of us!!


  2. I am glad to know that I am not the only one going through this. I am going to tell Todd that he needs to ask me to track my eating. When I know that he is going to be looking at what I am eating, I eat much better.

    I am getting a little frustrated that the scale has not moved. It almost seemed easy before...well not really easy but what I was doing was working and it didn't seem hard and I was averaging about 3.5 lbs per week. I stepping it up in the gym but the scale is not moving. I guess it just shows me how important it is to eat right.

    I am sure that if we both keep working hard, the scales will eventually show just how hard we are working.

    You really should try a spin class with me sometime. I let go of 4 lbs the day after I did my first spin class! I will try to let you know the next time I am going to a spin class. The only this is that I usually make up my mind at the last minute.


  3. I would love to try the class with you, not sure how well i will do but i'm willing to give it a try. I'm usually there monday, tuesday, thursday evenings as well as saturday and sunday mornings. I also go on Friday evenings but that is usually my training session. Just let me know anytime...I think I'll practice on the spin bike a few times this week.

  4. I will have to look at the schedule to see when the spin classes are. I will let you know when I am going to spin next.